Books & Working Projects

Heartbound: The Cursed Fae

Adult Romantasy - Standalone

Work in progress - Beta readers

Release date - Fall 2024

A century after the Dawn of Katharsis, humanity’s relentless purge of the Illiads ​continues. Lyriana Aurelius plays a dangerous game, hiding among humans and ​suppressing her witchblood while establishing herself as a Hel-Hunter—an elite ​killer of magical beings.

Tasked with tracking the summoner of the Hel-Marked creatures wreaking havoc ​in Catacas, Lyria finds herself ensnared by a powerful curse. Unfortunately, it’s ​alongside her prime suspect: Rhone Valerius, Crown Prince of the Thalassan Fae.

The spell is simple. Rhone’s death means her freedom, but as long as he lives, the ​barrier around Prasinos Manor will remain. Can they face the demons of their past ​and find another way to break the curse on Prasinos Manor? Or will Rhone’s next ​heartbeat be his last?

Kingdom of Vaettir: The Blood Sky

Dark Clouds by the Sea

Adult Romantasy (Trilogy) - Book 1

Work in progress - Drafting

Release date - Spring 2025

After Kavari Ashwood is betrayed on the eve of her betrothal, she is forced to flee Vaettir, leaving behind everything she has ever known.

Ten years later Kavari returns home and enters the annual training games with one goal in mind- retribution. But when her cover is blown and someone from her past reemerges, her mission shifts from one of vengeance to one of sheer survival.

Kingdom of Vaettir: The Sea of Souls

Adult Romantasy (Trilogy) - Book 2

Work in progress - Outlining

Release date - Winter 2025

No spoilers here! This book blurb is under wraps until Kingdom of Vaettir: The Blood Sky has been released.

dark blue fantasy landscape