Books & Working Projects

Heartbound: The Cursed Fae

Adult Romantasy - Standalone

Work in progress - Beta phase

Release date - October 10, 2024

A century has passed since humanity launched its relentless crusade against the ​Illiads. After her mother’s execution, Lyria Aurelius fights for survival in the ​shadows of society, desperate to conceal her true identity. To perfect her disguise, ​she trains as a Hel-Hunter—a predator of magical beings tasked with destroying ​the Hel-Marked creatures plaguing Catacas.

Hoping to stop the attacks for good, Lyria searches for the summoner responsible. ​However, things take a dangerous turn when she’s ensnared by a barrier spell ​meant for Rhone Valerius. The Thalassan fae harbors a profound hatred toward ​humans, fueled by their role in his wife’s death. His unwavering bitterness makes ​him a prime suspect, yet Lyria can’t shake the feeling he’s hiding something.

With fate threatening to expose her carefully maintained facade, Lyria faces an ​impossible choice. Ending Rhone’s life will break the curse and grant her freedom, ​but as long as he lives, the barrier remains—and so does she.

Kingdom of Vaettir: The Blood Sky

Dark Clouds by the Sea

Adult Romantasy (Trilogy) - Book 1

Work in progress - Drafting

Release date - Spring 2025


No spoilers here! This book blurb is under wraps until Heartbound: The ​Cur​sed Fae has been released.

Kingdom of Vaettir: The Sea of Souls

Adult Romantasy (Trilogy) - Book 2

Work in progress - Outlining

Release date - Winter 2025

No spoilers here! This book blurb is under wraps until Kingdom of Vaettir: The Blood Sky has been released.

dark blue fantasy landscape