About Holly

Since she could decipher words, Holly has voyaged with Ishmael, reveled in the roaring twenties with Jay, and traversed Middle Earth’s perilous landscapes with Frodo, (and yes, this is a Gilmore Girls reference!). Books have always been her escape, but her love for worldbuilding and character development are what inspired her to begin writing fiction.

Although she was born in Canada, life as a military spouse has moved her from Michigan to sunny California, where she works for an Equine Genetics company. There, she gets to combine her passion for horses, science, and writing (not to mention, publishing papers!).

Of course, life can’t be all work and no play, so Holly recently teamed up with two other amazing authors and started The Writer’s Realm Podcast.

When she’s not working, reading, writing, or podding, Holly loves spending time outdoors with her husband and their three massive dogs (Moonshine, Zeus & Talia).

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